Life Principles from the Women of the Bible

God’s Women of Yesterday Speak Boldly to God’s Women of Today

The women of the Bible play an integral, essential, and crucial role in the eternal plan of God.  From heaven’s point of view, women are always unique, matchless, and irreplaceable-they are never to be found in a subservient ranking within the kingdom of God.  As this study shows, these Women of the Bible (Book 1) demonstrates to us the lofty ideals of faith and faithfulness, virtues and values, brains and beauty, redemption and resourcefulness, servanthood and sacrifice.

Through a detailed study of each of these noteworthy women of the Bible, you will learn that God has called today’s woman to play a significant role in society, in the home, and the church. You will learn from their mistakes and discover that the blessings of God are heaped upon the woman who faithfully trusts the Lord in all situations.

In the pages of this book you will come face to face with such questions as:

* Do you take the path of bitterness or the path of brokenness when faced with distress and difficulties?

* Have you learned that you cannot alter the past, but you can put your past on the altar?

* Are you wrapped up in things eternally insignificant? Or are you focusing on things eternally significant?

* Does your heart belong completely to the Lord or is there a mixed allegiance?

* Has God used the crucible of adversity to shape your character so it shines like pure gold?


Place:  St. Maries Nazarene Church

Leaders:  Jamie Spooner (245-1111)

Pat Frost (245-4386)

When:  Tuesdays

Start Date:  June 19th (come ready to discuss the chapter on Eve!)

End Date: August 14th

Time:  10 a.m.

Price:  $17 for workbook

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