Month: June 2018

Life Principles from the Women of the Bible

God’s Women of Yesterday Speak Boldly to God’s Women of Today The women of the Bible play an integral, essential, and crucial role in the eternal plan of God.  From heaven’s point of view, women are always unique, matchless, and irreplaceable-they are never to be found in a subservient ranking within the kingdom of God.  As this study shows, these…

Women’s Ministries

  July 5th-Ladies Lunch @ Plummer Gateway August 2nd-Ladies Lunch @ TBA  September 6th-Ladies Lunch @ TBA  September 15th-Women’s Tea October 4th–Ladies Lunch @ TBA November 1st- Ladies Lunch @ TBA  November 4th- I AM BEAUTIFUL December 6th-Ladies Lunch @ TBA  December 8th-Women’s Ornament Exchange