Secret Sisters

Dear Sister,
It is that time again to get Secret Sister’s going. Secret Sisters is about lifting each other up in prayer and bringing joy and inspiration to each other. All that is required of a Secret Sister is that you pray for your sister daily and remember her at least once a month with a note, a card, a Bible verse, a small token, inspiration or just something fun to make her smile.

The commitment is very little, but the rewards are great! Please consider this wonderful ministry as God can use you in big ways to touch someone you may not know or someone you have known for a lifetime. Pray about it, and if God puts it on your hearts to be a special light of inspiration for someone take a few minutes to fill out. We will accept applications until the end of December 20th, and you will receive your Secret Sister Name and information in the mail during the month of January. We will have a special celebration to reveal your Secret Sister’s identity next December.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and considering being a Secret Sister. I know we are all busy, but this is a commitment that is really worthy of your time.

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